6m DSMB Scuba Strapp
6m DSMB Scuba Strapp 6m DSMB Scuba Strapp 6m DSMB Scuba Strapp 6m DSMB Scuba Strapp 6m DSMB Scuba Strapp 6m DSMB Scuba Strapp 6m DSMB Scuba Strapp 6m DSMB Scuba Strapp 6m DSMB Scuba Strapp

6m DSMB Scuba Strapp

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The all new 6m DSMB Scuba Strapp® is our latest innovative, divers strap. 6m DSMB Scuba Strapp is a 6 metre long strap, made from 25mm polypropylene webbing with a 90mm stainless steel marine grade trigger snap hook for connection to your Deployable Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB). The 6m long strap features a handy loop at 5m (ideal for your safety/decompression stops), is marked at metre intervals to provide a clear visual reference for your ascent to the surface and comes in its own integrated bag to secure it all neatly together for stowage and deployment. Simply clip to your DSMB prior to inflation, drop the bag, inflate DSMB and allow strap to freely run through your hand until the DSMB has reached the surface.

- Strong, robust fit for purpose scuba diving equipment.

- Simple to use, even with gloves on.

- Handy bag to neatly stow away once rolled up.

- Saves carrying a bulky reel.

- Ideal training aid: Product can be fastened around a 5 or 6 metre training platform to provide a visual reference between the surface and the platform, marked with 1 metre increments.

- Make it part of your scuba gear or snorkelling gear.

A fantastic piece of scuba diving equipment and training aid …and of course, it’s an ideal gift for the diver who has everything.

‘it doesn’t just do the job, it does ALL the jobs’™

This product is made to order and will take an extra 2-3 days for delivery; available in black, blue, yellow and red. DSMB not included. Product currently varies from images currently shown as it now has a bag for stowage.

SAFETY: As for all Reels/lines/SMB/DSMB - To avoid being dragged to the surface by by a boat/craft, do not fasten this product to yourself or your equipment when attached to a surface marker, simply hold in your hand so that you are able to let go immediately if required. Ensure that the DSMB strap is free to ascend, and is away from you and your other equipment prior to inflating your DSMB.

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